Ricky A.
Submitted 08/06/22
Excellent knowledge and very educational. He explains the diagnosis very well in language you can understand.

Delia C.
Submitted 04/22/22
It all went well

Danny G.
Submitted 04/04/22
Dr. Bashir is by far the best Doctor i have ever met yet till this day. His services are awesome, friendly, and he has free coffee in the waiting lobby so thats always a plus. Would recommend everyone to visit his office one day thanks alot Doc.

Alondra F.
Submitted 04/04/22
I HIGHLY recommended Dr.Bashir. He did an outstanding job on my father’s back surgery. We came all the way from Edinburg after the local surgeons in our area did not complete the job. Dr. Bashir picked up what they lacked and did poorly on my dad’s first back surgery. Compared to his first time (our local surgeons) and this second surgery (the one Dr. Bashir did) he feels and looks great. 1 day post surgery, you could see the difference in our dad. He had results that he did not have until months later in the first surgery. Therefore, if any of your family members or yourself are looking for the best surgeon Dr. Bashir is the one! Thank you to the ADH nurses and staff!!

Stacey B.
Submitted 04/04/22
Been dealing with this pain over 7 years and Dr.Bashir jumped right on it. I feel like a new person.

Kurtis L.
Submitted 04/04/22
A real Dr.

Curt S.
Submitted 04/04/22
Very personable. Prompt Knowledgeable